Infor App Setup Instructions

In this Installation template we have included the different installation scenarios that the application follows and it describes the correct order for installing the application and performing basic configuration and authentication. Please find the below details for a step by step installation and app setup:

Installation Guide

This section includes the steps you should follow in order to install and authenticate the application on your store:

  1. Setup Aramex - Infor App by installing it from the Marketplace.
  2. After following the first step you will be directed to the installation page were you can view all the details that the app requires to function,
    after reviewing all the details click on the Install App button to install the App on your Store.
  3. Now you will be redirected to the App home page where you can have the first look on the App, from here you need to follow the steps provided in the App Setup Instructions section to start using the app functionalities.

* If you had already installed the App, you can open it from the app listing inside your store or login to our App directly by providing your shop name.

App Setup Instructions

Below you can find the required steps and information you need to provide to finalize the installation process:

  1. Inside the App Catalog page and from the top right corner click on the Settings dropdown and then select Account Settings option.
  2. In the popup insert the mandatory information such as: Username, Password, Facility and Storerkey. These information should be provided to you by your Aramex Account Manager or the Infor Team.
  3. After providing all the needed information click on the Save button to save your settings and you are good to go.
  4. Now you be able to see your orders in the App Catalog page and you can start using the app functionalaites.

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